Wilson’s World: Giordana Cycling Pop-Up Shop

Wilson stops in at Giordana Cycling Pop-Up Shop

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Christmas may be over, but the pop-up shops around Charlotte are still going strong.  This morning Wilson stopped in at one of the shops,  Giordana Cycling.

Open until January 9th, Giordana Cycling Pop-Up Shop still has plenty to offer the cycling enthusiasts of all ages.  Not only will you find great bikes, but also accessories and apparel.  They also offer weekly yoga classes and group rides.  Giordana Cycling Pop-Up Shop is located at 811 Providence Road in Charlotte.

Giordana Cycling is currently holding a bike collection drive for Trips for Kids Charlotte.  Trips for Kids Charlotte  is a nonprofit organization that uses bicycling experiences to mentor young people from fragile neighborhoods or environments.

And speaking of fragile.  Wilson tried a little yoga while at the shop.

Check out the weblinks below to find out more about Giordna Cycling and those Wilson talked with during his visit today.

Giordana Cycling Pop-Up Shop

Trips for Kids Charlotte

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