Deputies Shoot Statesville Man While Serving Eviction Notice

Neighbors: It's the only home he knew

STATESVILLE, NC — Two Iredell County Sheriff’s Deputies are on administrative leave after investigators say they shot and killed a man Tuesday.

Sheriff Darren Campbell had not released the man’s name Tuesday evening because he was locating family.

He says the two deputies were serving the man an eviction notice when he confronted them with a knife.

Next door neighbors watched investigators gather evidence for more than ten hours.

“I don’t know how violent he might have got,” said Lynette Aldridge. “It’s really sad because he really didn’t mean nobody any harm. He just wanted to left alone.”

Aldridge says the home on Virginia Avenue had gone through foreclosure.

Iredell County Deputies confirm they showed up at 10:00 Tuesday morning to serve him an eviction notice, but they say he wouldn’t answer the door.

“We all figured he wouldn’t go quiet because that was his only, he had nowhere to go,” said Aldridge. “But, he was always real good to us.”

Deputies say they saw him inside with a knife.

“That’s when the verbal challenge started,” said Sheriff Campbell. “That’s when he came outside the residence towards the deputies with the knife.”

They say they shot him in the carport, where he died.

“He was coming at them, advancing on them, very fast,” said Sheriff Campbell.

The Sheriff says his deputies serve up to 1,000 court orders ever year and should be prepared to react when interactions turn dangerous.

“It’s a very complex subject, but there is a lot of training on it,” said Sheriff Campbell.

He says there have been no deputy-involved shootings in recent years until they showed up with the eviction notice.

“He was born and raised in that house,” said Aldridge. “It’s the only home he knew.”