More Snow Headed for the High Country

BOONE, NC — Drivers in the mountains are urged to stay off the roads, where we saw dozens of fender benders as the snow fell Wednesday afternoon.

It started snowing early Wednesday afternoon across the foothills and high country. Along Highway 321, just southeast of Blowing Rock, we saw snow plows trying to keep up.

Driving conditions went downhill quickly. Just down the road, we found a family already taking advantage of the fresh snow.

“Last year we probably had two or three inches, but it’s probably been three years since we’ve had 8 inches plus, so we’re excited,” said Clay and Marsha Anderson of Boone.

While some were playing, others were prepping for the next storm. One group of App State girls wasted no time and decided to do a little food shopping.

“We planned two different meals. We’re going to cook together, so hopefully we should be good through Sunday,” said App State roommates Grayson Butler, Jessica Allen and Sharon Heartsell.

They also have plans for the bigger storm that’s on the way.

“We’re going out, were sledding. We’re finding the biggest hill we can,” they said.

The snow has stopped, but temperatures will remain below freezing. The biggest concern Wednesday night will be black ice.