Concerns Shift from Power Outages to Road Conditions

MORGANTON, NC — Snow and sleet started falling early Friday in Hickory and lasted all evening, making for treacherous road conditions.

Karyn Yaussy with Catawba Emergency Management said her concerns for the public shifted quickly once she noticed just how bad the roads were.

“Yesterday I had a real major concern that we were going to have power outages, and today my concern has switched to treacherous roads,” said Yaussy. “Bad car accidents, bad vehicles going off the sides of roads and down embankments.”

But people ventured out despite the horrible road conditions. Some just to grab a bite to eat.

“Well we just happened to be out riding around, and we got hungry and we decided to go eat,” said Brian Johnson of Lincolnton.

Officials are urging people to stay off of the roads Saturday. That will give crews a better chance at clearing all this ice and hopefully prevent any more wrecks.