Sir Purr teams up with Greg Olsen’s The HEARTest Yard

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Sir Purr took pictures with “heartfamilies” on Monday to support Greg Olsen’s The HEARTest Yard initiative.

Sir Purr arrived at Midtown Park near Levine Children’s Hospital around 1:00pm for a photo shoot with doctors, nurses, and families with children with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS).

The pictures, shot by Jeni Buchanan, were to support Panthers player Greg Olsen’s Foundation’s The HEARTest Yard, as well as to kick off the first day of American Heart Month.

The HEARTest Yard Initiative is part of The Greg Olsen Foundation and works with Levine Children’s Hospital. The project provides resources for those born with rare congenital heart conditions, like HLHS, and their families. The initiative also help families draw funds for services, such as in-home, private nursing care, without ever charging the families.