Wilson’s World Super Bowl Bound: Day 1- Scoping Out the City and the Competition

Wilson's World gets a little larger when he takes us to San Francisco and Super Bowl 50.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Live from San Francisco…it’s Wilson’s World!  It is Day 1 of Wilson’s World Live in San Francisco, and today he was taking to the streets early to scope out San Francisco, the Super Bowl and Super Bowl City.

As it turned out, Wilson and Cameraman Mike were not the only media out and about at 3am in San Francisco.  They met up with Eric and Lisa a duo from KMGH-TV in Denver and in true Wilson fashion, he strolled into their camera view right before they hit air.  Luckily, they enjoyed talking with Wilson as much as he enjoyed talking with them about the game on Sunday and about Cam and his personality.

Wilson and his trusty cameraman, Mike will be running amuck around Super Bowl City and San Francisco as well as in Santa Clara all week.  Be sure to check him out each morning this week on Rising to see what he has gotten into and just who he might run into.

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