GOP Candidates Rally in SC Before Primary

ROCK HILL, SC — Hundreds packed the Magnolia Room in Rock Hill to cheer on Jeb Bush, who made a pledge to take on terrorists.

“On day one, I will have a strategy to destroy ISIS, not contain it, because containment is a victory each and every day it exists. We have to destroy it,” said Bush.

In Fort Mill, Governor John Kasich said if he is elected President he will protect small businesses.

“I’m going to say that for one whole year we’re not going to add any federal regulations except health and safety, and we’re going to freeze them in place,” said Gov. Kasich.

In Gaffney, Donald Trump said he has respect for Mexico and has a plan for closing our borders.

“You know we have a trade deficit with Mexico—$58 billion dollars—so when I say we’re going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it, politicians say, ‘You can’t get Mexico to pay.’ I say, ‘Yes I can,'” said Trump.

Senator Marco Rubio, in Anderson, pushing for smaller government.

“Big government hurts people who are trying to make it. Big government helps people like big corporations, and we have nothing against them, but they can afford to deal with big government,” said Sen. Rubio.

In an Easley rally, Senator Ted Cruz quoted the Bible.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,” said Sen. Cruz.

Ben Carson, spending most of the day in Orangeburg, following Thursday’s town hall in Greenville.

“I can guarantee you I’ve had more 2am phone calls than anybody else, all the rest of them put together, had to make life and death decisions,” said Carson.