UNC CLT Student Shot, Sues Apartment Complex

CHARLOTTE, NC — Crime around UNC Charlotte has led to the first lawsuit.

Tyrin Miller says it was just after 8:00 in the evening when he was walking around the side of his apartment complex, University House, when a gunman shot him.

Two bullets hit him. One in the neck, the other lodged near his spinal cord.

“That could have finished me,” said Miller.

He’s the first UNC Charlotte student to sue the off-campus apartment complex, but hundreds have complained about violence there.

Many broke leases before Christmas Break after concerned parents met with the company that owns the complex.

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WCCB Charlotte gathered police reports. In the four months after the apartment opened up, there were two shootings, 16 break-ins and three robberies. Since the apartment added more security in December, police say there have been none.

We were there as police searched for Miller’s shooter on November 28.

“He had a hood on, pulled tight,” said Miller. “I’m bleeding a whole lot. My shirt was really bloody, my leg was, like, not really working,” said Miller.

His attorney, Dexter Benoit, says the apartment had a legal obligation to increase security after the series of violent crimes started in and around the complex last August.

“More patrols, cameras, just the lighting. Many things can be done to prevent these things from happening,” said Benoit.

University House had no comment.

WCCB Charlotte Legal Analysts say since police say Miller was not involved in any criminal activity during the shooting, the complex could be liable.

“It changed me,” said Miller.

He’s still still undergoing physical therapy. He’s back in classes, but moved out of University House.

“I don’t want to run into any danger,” said Miller. “I want to be here, not in Heaven.”

Police have still not caught the gunman in his case.

Two weeks later, police say there was a drive by shooting outside a party. There have been no arrests in that either.