Critics Say Trump Vulgar, Lacking Policy

“I think he has several specific policies and I think they’re compatible and consistent with the Republican Party which is why he’s our front runner,” said former Mecklenburg County Chairman, Brad Overcash.

Overcash strongly defends Donald Trump, and says he believes Trump simply mis-spoke about women who get abortions being punished.


“He put out a statement today which is consistent with the Republican platform as a party we’ve had for decades and that is he’s a pro-life candidate,” said Overcash.

“He is tremendously offensive and disrespectful,” said County Commission Chairwoman and democrat, Pat Cotham.

Cotham says Trump is all vulgar name calling and no substantive stances or information on critical issues.

“I don’t think he’s able to answer the policy questions to the depth that we really need to know,” said Cotham.

But Overcash disagrees citing his strong stance on immigration as just one example.


“Tax reform, capping that, is very specific plan, I’ve certainly heard that, I’ve heard his plan on health care the repeal of Obamacare, erasing of state lines,” said Overcash.

Cotham says she’s not critical of Trump just because she’s a Democrat.


“I think back to past candidates like Mitt Romney he was certainly more substantive,” said Cotham.

But Overcash says Trump is tapping into what the country wants and staying within the GOP party lines on policies both domestic and foreign.

“I’m very comfortable with him as our front runner I think he is going to win nomination,” said Overcash.