App Chariot for Women Challenges Uber

CHARLOTTE, NC– “For me, I would be very nervous, I’ve never done an Uber before so I don’t know if I ever would,” said Carolina Women’s Defense Founder, Karen Fisher.

Karen Fisher teaches women self protection so she’s always been weary of Uber. It’s women like her that inspired former Uber driver Michael Pelletz to come up with the App Chariot For Women. He noticed there aren’t many women drivers and heard horror stories from female passengers.

“They would get hit on all the time by the Uber drivers, Uber drivers would lock their doors and tell them they wouldn’t let them leave until they got a kiss,” said Pelletz.

Pelletz says the concept is simple.

“To be a driver or a passenger you have to be a woman or identify as a female for children we allow boys in up to 13,” said Pelletz.

Passengers rates will be a few cents lower than Uber and the company will help drivers earn more, and donate 2 % to charity. They’ve already had nearly 4,000 drivers sign up nationwide, 700 here in Charlotte in just the past couple days. And Pelletz says they’ve already checked with lawyers to make sure the concept can’t be legally challenged.

“Not one person said this is illegal at all, there are other alternatives,” said Pelletz.

But Fisher says she would take this one option over any other alternative.

“It’s a woman number one and I would feel so much more safe feeling in a car with a women than a man, I just would,” said Fisher.

The company has hired Safer Places as background check company, anyone interested in signing up to drive can go to

We reached out to Uber for comment and did not hear back