Fans at Duran Duran Concert Support Decision Not to Cancel Show

CHARLOTTE, NC – Duran Duran decided to go ahead with their concert in Charlotte Saturday night, despite their opposition to House Bill 2.

The group said they considered cancelling, but instead chose to use the concert as a platform to talk about the law.

“I think the way that they handled it was the way that all of the people who are pulling out should handle it,” says Winston-Salem resident Carla Swaim.

Before the concert, the group released a statement calling HB2 “cruel” and “outdated.”

They said in the statement that “Duran Duran is opposed to bigotry and discrimination in all of its ugly forms…”

Fan Rachel Deam says she agrees with the band’s position that they can affect more change by speaking out at the concert rather than cancelling.

“We do also support the concert goers and all the money that can be put back into the economy,” Deam says.

Simon Le Bon addresses HB2 to the audience at PNC Music Pavilion Saturday night before all the members of Duran Duran sign a petition against the bill.

But some big name acts have already cancelled stops in Charlotte. Friday, Cirque Du Soleil announced it was skipping a stop in the Queen City this summer.

Duran Duran fan Stacey Daniel says cancelling shows are an overreaction.

“I think that’s just a stupid reason to cancel it and that whole deal’s been blown out of proportion,” Daniel says.

She’s glad Duran Duran played in Charlotte Saturday night.

And members of the LGBAT community say they are too.  Lara Nazario says she’s happy Duran Duran invited advocacy groups out to collect signatures on a petition.

“At the very least they’re supporting Equality NC in their fight to repeal HB2,” Nazario says.