House Bill 2: Bill Passed That Strikes Down Charlotte Ordinance

RALEIGH, NC– “This bill essentially ties a noose around the necks of cities and counties,” said Senator Dan Blue.

Lawmakers using a special session to overrule Charlotte’s Updated Non-Discrimination Ordinance, saying people must use bathrooms and changing rooms based on the gender their birth certificate.

“I urged them not to go down that road and create this turmoil, reckless public policy and we’re going to fix it,” said Representative Dan Bishop.

Bishop co-authored House Bill 2 after Charlotte City Council voted to add LGBT protections to its Non-Discrimination Ordinance. Most opponents focused on part of the ordinance that allowed people to use bathrooms based on their gender identity.

Lawmakers heard from nearly a dozen LGBT supporters. Military veteran Vivian Taylor among them.

“Transgender folks face an incredible amount,” said Taylor

Lawmakers also heard from critics of the Ordinance.

“There’s no stopping what people may do.”2311 “If Charlotte can do this what will be next my own town?,’ said Greenville Resident Chloe Jefferson.

Local businesses reacted to the bill.

Private businesses can still make their own decisions about bathroom use.

“This is not really about bathrooms it’s been made to be about bathrooms but it’s really about power.Where does it reside? Does it reside in the people at the local level or does it reside with folk in Raleigh?,” said Representative Alexander.

The bill stops cities from adding to their discrimination laws, from changing local minimum wage, and creates a statewide non discrimination law that does not protect the LGBT community members.

Several members of the LGBT community are now suing the state. Attorney General Roy Cooper said his office will not defend House Bill 2 in the lawsuit.

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