One Charlotte Fights For Bond Referendum

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– “I have heard of closets being used as classrooms, moldy rooms, air conditioner temperatures reaches only 80,” says Kim Riddle.

Parents, speaking out.

“I ‘m asking for understanding as a parent, as a community leader, why wait?  We waited long enough,” said one parent.

Teachers frustrated with their current classrooms.

“Imagine if you had to enter your workplace daily with the issues of pest infestation, leaking ceilings, peeling floors and ify technology,” says Tracy Battle.

Members of the group One Charlotte voicing their outrage at Tuesday night’s Mecklenburg  County Commission meeting.

Jarrod Jones with One Charlotte said, “I’m here today because 275 million dollars is on the table to invest in West side schools.”

The school district has formally asked commissioners to put an 805-million dollar bond referendum on the November ballot.

It would pay for 29 projects.

480 million would build 10 new schools.

Including 5 elementary and two High Schools.

136 million would replace existing schools.

172 million would pay for renovations and additions.

One Charlotte wants commissioners to set a date to vote on whether to have a referendum on the ballot.

Or publicly announce how they plan to improve overcrowding and what they call out of date buildings.

“Everybody knows Charlotte ranks last social economic mobility scale, so this an opportunity to do something about it by investing into our kids future,” says Jones.