Father Slows for Funeral Procession, One-Year-Old Killed in Crash

LINCOLNTON, NC — A one-year-old was killed in a car crash as her family stopped for a funeral procession Friday afternoon.

Police say the funeral procession was traveling down S. Generals Blvd. near Arbor Run Dr. when Silas Hart, III began slowing down. His wife, Kathryn, was in the passenger seat and his baby, Jaylah, in the back. Hart slowed down for the procession, but Kary Jones rear ended him in his truck.

Jaylah was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“The family is hurt now,” said Bobby Jones.

Bobby Jones is the family’s pastor. He lives across the scene of the crash.

According to the crash report, the family just slowed down to four mph for the funeral procession. Karey Jones rear ended them going 38 miles an hour in his truck.

“Most people don’t have a clue what you’re supposed to do in a funeral,” said Bobby Jones.

By law, you can slow down for a funeral procession or pull over to the side of the raod. You don’t have to stop, and you need to leave room for other drivers to pass you.

Karey Jones did not return calls for comment.

It’s not clear if the car seat would have saved Jaylah, but police say hers was not installed properly and was not age appropriate.

The family tells WCCB Charlotte it donated Jaylah’s organs in hopes of saving another child.

The family needs your help to fund the baby’s funeral. To make a donation, click here.