4 Rides Remain Closed After Thursday’s Power Outages At Carowinds

CHARLOTTE, NC — Carowinds officials say it will be business as usual at the park Friday following Thursday’s partial power outages, but some rides will remain closed as a precaution.Carowinds Logo

Four rides will remain closed Friday at Carowinds, and those include Barracuda Blasters, Sand Dune Lagoon, Southern Sidewinder and Whitewater Falls.

The rest of the park will operate on the normal 10am-10pm schedule.

In a statement released by park officials Thursday they said around 8pm a power failure at Carowinds caused several rides to stop, trapping passengers onboard.

One of the rides was the WindSeeker which came to a halt near it’s peak with 17 people onboard. All passengers aboard the affected rides were safely evacuated.

Officials say a blown transformer was the cause for the outage and Duke Energy crews were dispatched to repair the issue.

Carowinds wants to remind park goers that the safety of their guests and associates is their highest priority.