Firefighters Make Last Call for Joshua Warren

Lincoln County Firefighter Death

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC — Fire crews will continue assisting the fire stations that Joshua Warren worked for in the days following his funeral.

Tuesday, firefighters called for Warren over the scanner for the last time, a tradition at his funeral in which there will be no answer back.

“Fire Center to firefighter Joshua Warren,” said the dispatcher. “Fire Center, last call for Firefighter Joshua Warren.”

“It goes beyond painful,” said Tom Hodge.

The Denver Resident passed the Westport Baptist Church where Warren is buried, seeing teams of firefighters laying down helmets and comforting Warren’s wife and two children.

“It’s absolutely rock solid, unshakable when they lose somebody,” said Hodge. “It’s like the end of something we can’t fathom.”

The 34-year-old worked for East Lincoln Fire Department and volunteered for Alexis and Lucia-Riverbend. He just finished working an emergency call Thursday morning and was exercising around East Lincoln Middle School’s track when he collapsed. He died at the hospital.

“There’s people that appreciate what Josh did his time at the fire department,” said Rick Shinn.

Shinn lead the Patriot Guard motorcycle group from the Piedmont region to set up flags and offer escorts for Warren’s wife, Kimberly, and two children, Kelsey and Max.

“It just tears at your heart to see somebody thrust into so munch agony and grief at a young age,” said Shinn.

Why he died, the medical examiner hasn’t released, but how he lived to serve is apparent to his community.

“These guys are willing to die for us, and that’s all you need to say,” said Hodge.

His fellow firefighters closed his funeral with a final message over the emergency scanner: “The members of Alexis, Lincoln, Lucia-Riverbend and Pumpkin Center Fire Department wish to thank Joshua Lee Warren for his service to them the citizens of Gaston and Lincoln Counties, the State of North Carolina and of this great nation. Rest in peace, brother. We will take it from here.”