Orlando Victim’s Family: We Have to Forgive

Tevin Crosby's family held his funeral in Statesville, NC

STATESVILLE, NC — Officials are still trying to piece together what the Orlando nightclub shooter did on the day of the attack that left 49 victims dead.

Funerals for the Orlando victims have started all over the country. In Statesville, Tevin Crosby’s family buried him Wednesday evening.

He’s one of two local men killed in the Rampage. Shane Tomlinson was a Cabarrus County native. His funeral is set for Friday.

Crosby’s family and friends filled his childhood church Wednesday for his visitation and funeral.

“I see him a stronger than most of us,” said his cousin, Timothy Allison. “To see him go through adversity in his childhood, make it on his own with his own business at 25 and be able to help his mother and help his father. He was a great son, a loving uncle and a great brother. So, for me, he’s gonna make me feel like when I get up in the morning, I can be a better person.”

Crosby owned a marketing firm in Michigan and was in Orlando visiting friends when the shooter killed him and 48 others in the nightclub terror attack.

“We have to forgive, and if we don’t forgive him, we’re going to be a slave to the things that he done,” said Allison. “And we refuse to be that way. “Two days before his death, Allison says Crosby was visiting his parents in Statesville.

Wednesday they said their last goodbye.

“An outstanding young man’s life was taken very very soon,” said Paston Allen Simmons.

Pastor Simmons spoke to a crowd. Many came from as far as Florida and Michigan.

“Tevin was an outstanding young man. Very, very bright future. His love for people and his work ethic just had him in a position where he had a very bright future,” said Pastor Simmons.

Some of his family working to attend Shane Tomlinson’s funeral this week in Cabarrus county.

“Our hearts and prayers are with the other family, and we hope they can find the peace we’ve already found,” said Allison.

Tomlinson’s funeral is Friday at 11 in the morning.
It’s at the Refuge Church in Kannapolis.