Homeowner Shoots Union County Teen

Suspect details what led up to shooting

UNION COUNTY, NC — A homeowner shot and killed a teenager in his back yard, and the Union County District Attorney will decide if it was in self defense.

Marquies Waters’ family struggled to talk through tears.

Deputies say the 17-year-old was shot on the neighbor’s porch.

“It takes a sorry, low down, [expletive], to kill a teenager begging for his life, looking at you dead in your face asking you please don’t shoot me,” said Kathy Ellis.

Deputies are questioning Ellis’ son, Jacob, as a suspect in the breaking and entering case because he says he was with Waters.

“I just watched my best friend die,” said Jacob Maye.

WCCB Charlotte isn’t releasing the neighbor’s name because he isn’t charged with a crime.

Deputies say he heard someone breaking into his home on Happy Hollow Ln. in Mineral Springs before 4:00 Monday morning.

Deputies say the neighbor told them he yelled, and whoever was in the house left.

He says Waters came back for a backpack.

“He walked up to the backdoor, and he said, ‘It;s me, Marquies. Please, don’t shoot. I don’t mean no harm, I apologize for being on your property. it was very disrespectful.’,” said Maye.

Deputies will only confirm the neighbor recognized Waters and shot him.

WCCB Charlotte asked Maye if they were breaking into the home.

“No, we was not trying to harm that man at all,” said Maye.

Deputies say Waters was unarmed. Maye says the pair were playing ougi board in the neighbor’s yard and came back for the backpack.

“It’s unfair what happened to him,” said neighbor Lisa Pine. “He was good brother. He was a good grandson, a good son, a good neighbor.”

WCCB Charlotte reached out to the homeowner. He didn’t respond.

Deputies will give their evidence to the District Attorney to determine if this was self defense.

“There’s a lot of things you look at as to whether or not that person was a threat,” said Tony Underwood with the Union County Sheriff’s Office. “Were they attempting to flee?”

Ellis says break-in or not, it doesn’t matter.

“He had his hands out saying please dont shoot me,” said Ellis.

Deputies could still charge her son with breaking and entering.