The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Cam Newton

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Cam Newton is growing up. At 27-years-old, he’s the league’s reining MVP. He’s played in a Super Bowl. He’s a proud daddy to 8-month-old Chosen. WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked him, “What names didn’t make the cut?” Newton replied, “Junior. I don’t want none of my kids to have my name. I just want him and all of my kids, in the future, if I’m blessed to have more, to have their own identity.”

Cam’s identity is evolving.

If someone tells him he’s changed, he takes it as a compliment. If fans think he’s changed, even better. “If fans came out and seen the rookie Cam, shame on me. If fans came out and seen 2015 Cam, shame on me. I’m evolving, I’m growing. And that’s all I want people to see and be inspired to do as well,” he says.

He says he’s not looking for what he calls “external appreciation.” Cam is happy, from within. And he says those dances of his, that often attract criticism, reflect it. “Whatever I do next, it’s not to make it go viral. It’s just internal happiness,” he says.

External noise is louder than ever, thanks to social media, and that can be a dose of kryptonite for Supercam. Fogarty asked him, “Do you read what people write about you or post about you or tweet to you or post about on Instagram to you?” He replied, “I have before, honestly. Is it something I do every day? Weekly? No. But eventually, it’s something that you do.” Fogarty asked, “Does it bother you ever?” He said, “Yes. But, I’m no different than anybody else. You slap me, pinch me, hurt me, it’s gonna hurt. Talk or say anything, it’s gonna hurt. I’m still human.”

Newton defines last season as historic. When Fogarty ask him if there’s one thing, good or bad, that sticks with him about the team’s run last year, he says it’s the joy. And not his joy. Yours.

“(P)eople say ‘I respect the work you do’ or ‘good luck this season, we’re gonna be rooting for you,’ it wasn’t always like that and with me having had a hand in it, I take a lot of pride in that. Because it know what it took or I know how it was a couple years ago and I’m expecting it to get better and better and better,” he says.

Newton is now not just a celebrity role model to thousands of young fans, but also a father during a challenging time in American history. As the world around him takes a stand, or a seat, in Colin Kaepernick’s case, Cam is reacting. He says, “It’s not just police killing black people. People make mistakes, often. No matter their color. No matter their age. No matter their size, or what have you. In my community, it’s people that are killing people. And that’s all across America. So it’s not a point in time where I just wanna finger point and hold this specific (group) up to a standard that we all are not living up to. Do I think it’s right? No. But I just think we all should be better. I don’t think skin color, I don’t think culture, status, should alienate certain people from others. I believe in treating everybody right.”

Fogarty said, “I wanna play a couple word associations with you. I’m gonna say something to you, you just say the first thing that comes to mind.”

“Ryan Lochte?” Newton replied with a big smile, “USA Swimmer.”
“Donald Trump?”
“Presidential candidate.”
“Hillary Clinton?”
“Wife of Bill.”
“Josh Norman?”
“Tim Tebow?”
“A person I got a lot of respect for and learned from.”
“HB2? The bathroom bill?”
“I don’t know enough about it. I just don’t.”
“Season opener?”
“Can’t wait.”

Cam will roll out his own food truck called “Smokn’ Aces” on September 18th. He’s also hinted at the launch of an app that allows users to type in the creative, unique font he uses when he posts on social media.