Best of the Snark: The VMAs, Female Drivers, Courtney Cox and Slightly Tinted Jokes

The Best of the Snark Report with Derek James


A look back at DJ’s comments on MTV’s Video Music Awards.  And he wasn’t lip syncing.

Apparently Japanese men also think women can’t drive.  Outta the way buddy, we’re trying to park here.

Courtney Cox admitted what she shouldn’t have done.  Sorry Courtney, some things just can’t be undone.

NY Giant Jason Pierre Paul gave us 9 reason why we should not play with fireworks.

The NFL came out with new emojis…and Derek has one he thinks should be added.

The real story behind the thriller Don’t Breathe…well, Derek’s story, anyway.

Olympic runner Usain Bolt wasn’t fast enough to get out this viral sensation.

Brazil is planning on opening their first adult erotic theme park…which was no small feat.

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