Man Hijacks Ambulance with Toddler in Back

GASTONIA, NC — We now know more information about the man police say hijacked an ambulance and lead police on a chase.

“Our patient has jumped up to the front of the cab of the truck. He’s combative,” said one of the paramedics as they radioed in for help.

Police say that patient was Bobby Glenn, 22, of Charlotte.

They say a three-year-old was with him as he forced the paramedics to skip the hospital and drive.

“He won’t let us stop,” a paramedic said to a dispatcher.

Their fellow paramedics could only listen over the radio as police chased.

“It was very distressing,” said Maj. Jamie McConnell with Gaston Emergency Medical Services. “And when a situation like this occurs, it involves other people on the roadway, possibly putting them in danger.”

The paramedics picked Glenn and the toddler up in Gastonia when Glenn called 911 before noon Tuesday.

“My, my son needs the ambulance, and I need the police,” Glenn told the 911 dispatcher. “It ain’t that serious, but I’m just saying I need the police. I need the police…I feel like my life is in jeopardy right now.”

Before the ambulance could make it to Caromount Regional hospital, the paramedics say Glenn took over, assaulting the driver.

Police can be heard in the radio traffic describing the assault as they chased.

“Pretty sure that was him in the front of the truck,” said one officer.

Another officer is heard saying, “The driver is still driving, He’s in the passenger seat. When I passed them, he had a hold of the driver.”

According to the radio recording, the chase lasts nearly 10 minutes.

The paramedics stopped communicating, and the ambulance kept going on Interstate 85 Northbound toward Charlotte. It finally stopped in McAdenville.

Records show police have arrested Glenn at least nine times for various drug related charges.

Officers say it’s not clear where he was trying to take the ambulance.

As for the paramedics: “A little shaken up, understandably,” said Maj. McConnell. “But, everybody physically is okay.”

Glenn faces charges for assaulting the paramedic and a police officer, resisting arrest, and child abuse.

Social services is investigating as well.