Wilson’s World: Baking in the Kitchen at Appalachia Cookie Company

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Wilson met David Holloman of Appalachia Cookie Company last year.  At that time, he only had one location in Boone but now he has brought his great cookies to the University area in Charlotte.   Wilson stopped in this morning to find out more about David’s business and head into the kitchen donning his apron and beard net to learn how these great treats are made….he even received a lesson in cookie baking.

The origins of the Appalachia Cookie Company are very interesting.  And the story leads them from Boone to Charlotte.  From delivery in the University area to shipping nationally, everyone can enjoy their fresh baked “grandma’s recipe” cookies and brownies.

Their new University store is located at 850 Chancellor Park Dr.  They open at 11:00am and bake, serve up and deliver (in their delivery area) until 12:30am.  Connect with Appalachia Cookie Company on Twitter @AppCookieCo and on Facebook.

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