Brothers Hit at School Bus Stop, Father Speaks

CHARLOTTE, NC– A driver passed a stopped school bus and hit two little boys in Charlotte Friday morning.

“He’s scared. They are scared,” said Thomas Javier.

Javier says his wife called him just before 9:00 in the morning to tell him the driver hit his children.

A crash report says Raymond Murphy stopped at a stop sign on Dion Ave. at City View Dr., ignored the school bus caution arm and stop sign and hit Sait and Jared Javier as they crossed the street.

“I was telling him I said, ‘How can you not see two kids walking?’ you know? 41 and the police say don’t talk to him,” said Javier.

The father says the car hit seven-year-old Sait in the book bag. He was okay.

Five-year-old Jared went to the hospital and checked out okay.

Neighbors had one reaction, “I see people busting through here, getting it,” said Donald Pillow. “I’m not surprised.”

Police cited Murphy for no drivers license and failure to stop for a school bus.

No one answered the door at the address registered to the car.

“You know, there could have been a fatality out there. Luckily, that didn’t happen today,” said CMPD Officer John Frisk.

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction estimates more than 750 drivers illegally passed school buses in Mecklenburg county every day last year.

State law says when a school bus stop arm is out, you have to stop on both sides of the road unless there’s a defined concrete median.

Drivers must also stop at intersections.

To see a diagram of the rules, click here.

Now, Javier says he’s holding his boys a little tighter tonight.

“Be careful, respect that stop sign and the lights for the bus,” said Javier.

CMPD says after a crash like this, more officers will patrol an area for drivers disobeying school bus stop laws.

CMS says buses have cameras watching for drivers passing illegally as well.