Get The Scoop On Crimes Involving Poop

ROCK HILL, SC — Two crimes, two opposite sides of the city, but with one common element…. a bag of animal poop.

Rock Hill Police say the first incident was reported last Thursday when a woman found a threatening note and a bag of animal poop hanging on the doorknob of her Ridge Point home. The incident is believed to have been a disgruntled neighbor, according to police, angry over possible droppings found in their yard.

Police say they are questioning neighbors for information and a possible suspect.

The second incident was reported Saturday when police say a man’s home was broken into on Sebring Drive across town. According to reports, nothing was stolen during the incident, but a bag of animal poop was left in a child’s bedroom.

Police say they are investigating the case as a burglary, but it is in the very early stages.

Officials say they believe the incidents are coincidental, and probably not related.