The Evidence

[Original content from September 2010]

CHARLOTTE, NC — Another emotional day at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

The jury in the Demeatrius Montgomery trial saw six photos from Officer Jeff Shelton’s autopsy.

Montgomery is accused of killing Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton outside the Timber Ridge Apartments in 2007.

The medical examiner testified the gun had to have been fired at close range, entering the right side of Shelton’s neck and exiting on the left side of his head. Prosecutors only showed those photos to the jury, keeping them hidden from family members sitting in the court room.

Several experts also described their analysis of evidence found on the scene. They testified they found no evidence of blood stains on Montgomery’s clothes or on the suspected murder weapon.

The strongest connection… a State Bureau of Investigations agent who testified she found gunshot residue on Officer Clark’s body and on Montgomery’s hands.

One expert says he found two hair fibers from an African-American on Officer Shelton. The defense questioned why those fibers were not compared with Montgomery’s hair, and countered they could be from other people at the scene.

The defense had an evidence screener demonstrate how she swabbed the suspected murder weapon and questioned why she didn’t swab the trigger. She testified she left that for the fingerprint examiners.

Tomorrow we expect to hear from those fingerprint examiners and exactly what they found on the gun.

-Story by Marvin Beach