Woman Carjacked in Arboretum Parking Lot

CHARLOTTE, NC — Two men carjacked a woman in a crowded South Charlotte shopping center before leading police on a chase in South Carolina.

That’s according to CMPD.

The carjacking happened in the McDonald’s parking lot at the Arboretum shopping center.

The suspects made it to Rock Hill. Police chased them, and say the criminals crashed on E. Main St.

Workers at McDonald’s describe it like stalking or casing for the right victim.

“It happened, just like that you,” said Dontavious Antonetty. “You heard, you know, someone screaming for help.”

He says surveillance video shows two men eating inside the McDonald’s in the Arboretum shopping center Monday afternoon, watching customers.

He says a woman walked in alone before 3:00 in the afternoon.

“They were sitting right by the entrance, and they watched her walk out,” said Antonetty.

He says they got up, followed her to her car, pushed her down and took off in her car.

“You just heard tires screech out, and you saw her lying on the floor screaming for help,” said Antonetty.

He says she went to the hospital with cuts and bruises.

CMPD says officers spotter her car. Then, the police helicopter followed it to Rock Hill to this spot where officers arrested several suspects inside.

“Being that it happened during the day, it kind of makes me feel like, wow!” said Pamela Phelps. “What else could have happened? Like I said, I have a son that works here. I have a friend that works here.”

Tonight, police Chief Kerr Putney updated city council on what CMPD is doing to stop crime, saying while homicides are up, violent crimes and

property crimes are down this year.

“The secret to reducing and keeping crime, the crime rate down is community empowerment,” said Chief Putney.

Workers and shoppers at the Arboretum Monday say they have received that message.

“Everyone’s watching, literally. Especially here at a restaurant. Like, you have eyes on you, and we have surveillance around here,” said Anotnetty.

CMPD has not released the names of the people arrested in Rock Hill.