Vandals Target Hannukah Display, Bringing Hundreds Together

INDIAN LAND, SC — Vandals targeted a family’s Hannukah decorations, and it ended up bringing hundreds in the community together.

It was a quick crime: cut one cord to the blue and white outside the Greene family home.

“It, unfortunately, hurt us, but we feel its just one person,” said Lexy Greene.

Lexy and Barry Green say it happened Dec. 6 in the Sun City senior living community in Indian Land.
Their menorah and holiday lights went dark.

The same thing happened in 2014 and 2015.

But, the light shined through the dark. When neighbors heard about the vandalism, nearly 300 showed up to say sorry.

“It was really a kumbayah moment,” said Howard Sherman.

Sherman was one in the crowd.
“I just didn’t think that this would continue to happen,” said Sherman.

Good comes from bad because if this didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have heard from so many neighbors,” said Lexy Greene.

The Greene’s are more motivated now than ever.

“My neighbors are very, very happy,” said Barry Green. “And I will just continue doing it every year as long as I’m healthy enough to climb a latter.”

Attorneys tell WCCB Charlotte without more evidence, it is unlikely this would be a hate crime, but the person will at least face vandalism charges.