Can The Panthers Beat The Saints On Sunday?

The road to the Super Bowl runs through New Orleans.
They say its tough to beat the same team three times and the Panthers have fallen to the Saints twice this season.
But a win inside the Superdome Sunday won’t come easy.
Quarterback Cam Newton will need to play better than he did against the Atlanta Falcons on New Year’s Eve
He missed his first eight passes during the final game of the regular season.
Plus, the defense will have to step it up to contain the Saints’ running game.
Coach Ron Rivera says it’s all about how the coaches approach the game, develop a game plan and execute.
“First of all I don’t think you expect to face them three times,” Rivera said Monday. “So you know the challenges are we’ve seen what you can do. We have a better feel. We know what their new players are and how they fit into their system as they do us. You’ve got a couple of good tapes to watch of how they attacked you and how you attacked them, what worked and didn’t work.”