Riverdale Rewind Chapter 29: Primary Colors

Riverdale Rewind: CH 29 “Primary Colors”

*Spoilers* Who is Chic’s dad? Can Archie and Jughead salvage their bromance? Nomi & Just Jess recap the latest episode of Riverdale in an all new episode of Riverdale Rewind Podcast.

Posted by WCCB, Charlotte's CW on Thursday, March 22, 2018

Riverdale was on fire last night with a ton of drama! We find out more about Alice’s past and about Chic’s father; was Cheryl right about her family turning against her AND is the bromance between Archie and Jughead over? Just Jess and Nomi dig in and tell you all about it. Plus some highlights, theories, answering your questions and more! It’s the Riverdale Rewind.

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Show Notes:

#Meltdown is trending, a comic book store in LA. Cole Sprouce tweeted about it. You can find the well written article by Nerdist, here.

Next week’s episode trailer:

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