Wilson’s World: Talking with Author Kathy Izard at Park Road Books

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Charlottean Kathy Izard never thought she would write a book but after working with the Urban Ministry and helping to find housing for the homeless, she decided she needed to share the story.

Wilson was with Kathy this morning at Park Road Books talking about her book “The Hundred Story Home” which is the second edition of her book.  She self published the first edition of the book in 2015 and Harper Collins Publishing took notice of the sales and decided to sign Kathy and print the second edition of the book.

In 2007 Kathy was a graphic designer and mother of 4 who volunteered at the soup kitchen when she decided to listen to that little voice in her head that told her to quit her job and help the homeless.  She had no idea how much her life would change for the better after she worked with the Urban Ministry Center and built a home for the homeless while discovering her own strength and faith.  “The Hundred Story Home” details her inspiring journey of helping others and herself.  Learn more about Kathy’s story, her book and where she will be appearing at her website kathyizard.com.

Park Road Books has been a staple of the Charlotte community since 1977 having been in the same place, and locally owned and operated since its opening.  Park Road Books is located in Park Road Shopping Center on Park Road.  Check out Park Road Books for more information on the store as well as book signings and events at their website parkroadbooks.com.

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