Wilson’s World: Learning the History of Kyoinka Drums at C3Lab

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson met BaBa Freddie Rivera with Kyoinka Drums earlier this year so he decided to stop in at his shop located at C3Lab to find out more about his passion.

Wilson learned not only about the drums that are made at Kyoinka Drums but the history behind them as well.  Freddie not only makes the instruments but he also teaches classes for them.  He feels that it is very important to focus on children and that they not only learn how to play the instrument but learn its history as well.

Some of Freddie’s students joined Wilson to perform on their instruments and display their talents.

You can connect via email with Freddie at C3Percussion@gmail.com or you can follow them at Facebook at facebook.com/kyoinka.

C3Lab is located at 2525 Distribution Street in Charlotte.

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