Piper Glen Man Hospitalized Following Violent Robbery In South Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — A violent robbery in South Charlotte lands a Piper Glen man in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury after he tried to stop people from breaking into his car.

The assault happened Monday afternoon in the Providence Square Plaza parking lot on Landmark Dr.

“The main splatter of blood was right in this vicinity,” said Stephanie Lynch.

She lives in the nearby town homes and saw the aftermath. She says the neighborhood is typically quiet.

“In the afternoon, that was so bold and brazen,” said Lynch.

According to a police report, Firr was with his wife when someone tried to break into their car. Firr stepped in and was assaulted. He was left on the asphalt with a traumatic brain injury.

According to his wife, the 62 year old suffered a broken nose and eye socket, but is showing improvement.

The harassment of the Firr family didn’t end there. Just a day after the incident, the criminals used the couple’s stolen drivers license information to locate their home in the Piper Glen neighborhood and steal their car.

Police put out a notice to Piper Glen residents asking them to check their security cameras to see if they may have caught the suspects on video.

“Its sad. It’s sad. It’s really sad,” said Lynch.

Lynch says seeing violence in her neighborhood is disheartening and that she wishes the Firr family the best.

“I hope they catch them. That was senseless and unnecessary,” said Lynch.

Firr’s wife says Belmont police have pictures and video of the suspected criminals trying to use her credit card at a Gaston County Family Dollar. She says she hopes police are able to locate the violent thieves soon.