Spotlight Hits Controversial Case Of Intruder Shooting

Charlotte, NC — The spotlight is on the controversial case of a Charlotte business owner who killed an intruder Monday morning.

Alan Corder was in court for the first time Friday, charged with Voluntary Manslaughter for killing Justin Anderson.

It’s a question of when and where you can shoot an intruder, attorneys tell me.

Police say Corder shot and killed Anderson outside his store, American Beauty Garden Center on Independence Blvd.

Police say the alarm started sounding, Corder got an alert on his phone. He called 911, went to the store, shot Anderson as Anderson ran out of the store and called 911 to tell police.

“I think he shouldn’t have been charged at all,” said Corder’s attorney George Laughrun.

Laughrun paints his client as a business man trying to contribute to the community.

“The business owner has a right to protect his property. He gets there, and not only does he have a right to protect his property, he has an absolute right to protect himself from the fear that he felt when the guy was running right at him,” said Laughrun.

The attorney representing Anderson’s family, Justin Bamberg, argues that’s the problem. It happened outside the store.

“Justin is, is, running out of the business, and he’s running. Mr. Corder shoots him in the back out in public. You can’t do that,” said Bamberg.

Bamberg describes the the 20-year-old, as a new dad, struggling to find work who tried to steal from the garden shop to support family.

“It’s a problem that Justin went to this business at 4:30 in the morning, absolutely,” said Bamberg.

While he doesn’t justify the break in, he says it’s a crime that would never warrant the death penalty.

CMPD has asked a judge to seal the 911 call in this case.

That hearing will be next week.