Kevin Olsen Attorney: “You Don’t Remember The One That Says He’s Not A Rapist?”

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Kevin Olsen trial moves into day three Wednesday. Defense attorneys spent day two working to discredit the rape accusations against him.

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office says the former UNC Charlotte quarterback beat and raped his then-girlfriend in February 2017.

Attorneys wrapped up testimony of the former girlfriend Tuesday morning. Two more witnesses took the stand after.

Defense Attorney George Laughrun questioned the former girlfriend’s best friend, Alidia Hannan, about text messages in which the former girlfriend seemed concerned about the rape charges.

George questioned her: “You don’t remember the one that says he’s not a rapist?”

Hannan said no.

Laughrun questioned her further: “February 20th at 10:54 in the morning: Quote, ‘I told them I technically never said no.'”

“I don’t remember that, sir,” said Hannan.

Assistant District Attorney Jane Honeycutt followed up by saying: “Did you ever receive any text from [name redacted], that in the context of the conversation you were having at the time, made you doubt what she had told you about the defendant forcing her to have sex?

“No,” said Hannan.

We are not showing the former girlfriend’s face or naming her because she’s a suspected victim of domestic violence.

She testified Monday that Olsen tried to hang himself. After that, she says he told her to leave because she did not deserve this. She said she was not leaving him in this condition.

Moments later, she says he hit her with a pillow. Then, she says he began punching her face and body repeatedly. After that, she says his demeanor changed and that he wanted to have sex with her. She says she was afraid to say no. Prosecutors say that’s where the three rape charges stem from.

Photos show a black eye and bruising on her arm and back. To read that previous report, click here.

Olsen’s roommate and UNC Charlotte teammate, Mitchell Monska described what he saw that night.

“She had a little, little bump and bruise right under her eye,” said Monska.

He said she ran to his room and said Olsen hit her.

“My first emotion, I’m sure with anybody’s emotion, was upset at first. But she did say that he did try to hang himself in the bathroom, and I was personally going in to make sure he was okay,” said Monska.

The defense pointed out that Monska never heard a fight or screaming.

“Didn’t hear a thump on the floor, none of that, right?” said Laughrun.

“I did not,” said Monska.

Wednesday, prosecutors will begin with a new witness on the stand. We do not know their relation to the case at this time.