Kevin Olsen Assault Rape Case Update

CHARLOTTE, NC — We are hearing from the woman accusing Kevin Olsen- former UNC Charlotte quarterback and brother of the Panthers Greg Olsen- of rape and assault.

The woman is Kevin Olsen’s ex-girlfriend, and she testified in day one of the trial.

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office accuses Kevin Olsen of rape, assault, and a suicide attempt.

“He attacked her with his fist, blow after blow, to her head, to her arms to her stomach to her face,” said Assistant District Attorney Jane Honeycutt.

That’s how prosecutors opened the case to jurors Monday.

We are not revealing the former girlfriend’s name and altering her voice because she is a suspected victim of domestic violence.

Prosecutors showed jurors surveillance video of the couple leaving the Epicentre in Uptown after a night of drinking in February 2017.

The woman says Olsen was angry about many things in life, at one point saying he was not living up to his brother. She says she walked into his bathroom to see him trying to hang himself with a phone charger cord.

“I could tell, like, that he was struggling to breathe,” said the ex-girlfriend. “We got it off his neck, and we both just fell to the floor and starting crying.”

She says he told her to leave, she did not deserve this. She told jurors she told him she was not leaving him like this. That’s when she says he turned the violence on her, punching her face and body. Then, she says he switched to wanting sex. She says he forced intercourse on her three times.

“He got mad because I wouldn’t stop crying, and he told me that I had to stop because he couldn’t have sex with me like that,” said the woman.

Defense attorney George Laughrun argued she sent a friend a text after saying Olsen was not a rapist.

“I was in love with him,” she told jurors. “How could someone do that to me? Whenever I think of rape, I think of a ‘Law And Order’ episode.”

Prosecutors showed photo evidence of her black eye and bruises on her body.

Olsen listened, at times crossing his arms. His defense hammered her timeline. Said she was jealous, arguing with Olsen and went to bed at his house.

“You’re going to hear that when Kevin wakes up the next morning, (woman’s name redacted) isn’t there, but her clothes are,” said Defense Attorney Bree Laughrun. “You are going to hear how Kevin texts her but received no response. However, Kevin did receive a response, from CMPD.”

The case continues Tuesday with the former girlfriend back on the witness stand as the defense continues cross-examination.