Baby Born In Charlotte Parking Garage

Charlotte, NC — A baby born in a Charlotte parking garage is healthy at home tonight. Hadelyn Cleary is calm and quiet now, but she came into this world loud and clear.

“I said the baby is here! She’s coming. I feel her head!” said Kimberly Cleary. It was 3:00 Tuesday morning.

Kimberly Cleary and her husband, Zach, were in their SUV, racing from Waxhaw to Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte. A 45 minute drive.

“I was just upset that I wasn’t going make it in time for the epidural because I’m a big wuss, and I’m like I need that epidural,” laughed Kimberly. “And then, it turned to we’re not even gonna make it.”

They screeched into the parking garage at Novant in Elizabeth. Her husband ran in to get a wheelchair, but the mom knew it was too late.

“So, I’m banging on the window of the passenger side, trying to get him to come back or anybody’s attention,” said Kimberly.

Emergency Room Receptionist Mickaline Pfund heard her screams.

“So, I drop my bags and went over to the vehicle as I see dad running in for help,” said Pfund.

Pfund is a mom herself, but she says this was new. She delivered, or caught, the baby right then and there.

“Mom did great. She was a rock star. She was a trooper for pulling into a parking deck and delivering a baby. She didn’t hesitate on anything,” said Pfund.

A member of Novant Health’s Public Safety Team, Raymond Layne took off his uniform shirt to wrap around the baby for warmth.

The delivery team ran out, cut the cord and took mom and baby inside.

“It’s very scary but now that everything‘s been, we’ve been blessed to have everything work out, and healthy baby healthy mama, I think now we can kind of breathe and relax,” said Zach.

Now, baby is home with brother and sister, and the Clearys can’t wait to tell her about the day she was born.

“It was not the story we were thinking, but I think the way it happened it worked out perfectly,” said Kimberly.