More than 11,000 People in Mecklenburg County Cast Ballots on First Day of Early Voting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Numbers show more than 11,000 people cast ballots Wednesday on the first day of early voting. That’s up 15 percent from the first day of early voting in the 2014 mid-terms.

This year a lot of people are talking about the constitutional amendments on the ballot.

Here’s a breakdown – if approved two of the amendments would take power away from the Governor’s office.

One would put legislators in control of who’s appointed to the Board of Elections and Ethics instead of the Governor.

The other would limit who the Governor could appoint to judicial vacancies. Instead of choosing himself, the Governor would pick from a list provided by the General Assembly.

The other four amendments are a bit more straightforward. One would add a requirement that voters show ID. Another would cap the state tax rate at 7 percent.

There’s one that would require crime victims to be notified about court dates for suspects in their cases. The last would ensure people have the right to hunt and fish.

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