Wilson’s World: Touring Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Compost Central Facility

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  It was stinky in Wilson’s World this morning, but he didn’t mind.  Wilson was at the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Compost Central Facility on Valleydale Rd this morning finding out just what happens to all of those fall leaves and the yard waste that homeowners leave out on the curb.

Compost Central is a mulch and composting facility where the vast majority of Mecklenburg County’s yard waste is stored, processed, and offered for sale.  Wilson was joined by Jeff Smithberger, Director, Mecklenburg Solid Waste for a tour of the facility and how our yard waste is recycled for compost that the county packs and resales.
Residents of Meckenburg County can stop by any of the 4 full service recycling facilities in the county to pick up free brown kraft bags for recycling leaves while supplies last. While at the facility you can pick up a bag of compost for your yard.
For more information on Mecklenburg County Solid Waste, location of facilities, and what you can and cannot recycle go to their website wipeoutwaste.com.

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