Dan McCready Calls On Harris To Publicly Testify

CHARLOTTE, NC -Dan McCready is calling on Mark Harris to publicly testify under oath about election fraud in the 9th Congressional District Race.

“He can’t just hide behind a criminal defense attorney, obstruct and sue his way into power,” said McCready.

McCready says his camp is worried the investigation into absentee ballot irregularities and election fraud in North Carolina’s 9th district may not move forward.

“His allies have refused to nominate members to the elections commission causing a month long delay,” said McCready.

Mark Harris petitioned the court to force the certification of the NC9 race. He cited a lack of evidence of any wrongdoing that would overturn the result.
Harris received 905 more votes than McCready on election night. A hearing on that petition will be held next week.  In talks today, McCready accused Harris of stalling the investigation and trying to bully his way to power.

“It’s very concerning and it’s very shameful behavior,” said McCready.

Harris spent several hours with investigators earlier this month. The board of elections says he answered their questions.
McCready says the public has a right to know what happened and that they should hear the truth from Harris himself.

“Mark Harris has to sit under oath in public in front of the people and tell folks what he knew and when he knew it,” said McCready.

According to information from campaign spending reports, sworn affidavits, and Mark Harris himself, Harris hired McCrae Dowless to “work absentee” in Bladen County. Witnesses allege Dowless paid people to go door to door and collect their ballots, which is illegal in North Carolina. McCready says his campaign was aware of McCrae Dowless during the campaign. We asked McCready why they didn’t bring their concerns about Dowless to the attention of authorities before the election.

“We did, you know, it’s kind of hard,” said McCready, “I’m a private citizen right I’m not an investigator, I can only do so much. There is a job for investigators to do. We did know that investigation was going and we did try to get information to them. ”

The hearing on Harris’ petition will be in Raleigh next Tuesday.