Judge Denies Mark Harris’ Request to Certify Election Results

CHARLOTTE, NC – “Certification is not appropriate until the investigation into protest is concluded by final decision,” said Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway.

After two and a half hours of arguments, he sided with the State of North Carolina and the Dan McCready campaign.

“We’re disappointed for Dr. Harris and were disappointed for the voters of the 9th district,” said David Freedman, a lawyer representing Mark Harris.

Harris’ legal team asked the judge to force the state board to certify the results of the election.

” The state board’s delay tactic cannot be grounds for them to just continue this indefinitely,” said Alex Dale, with Harris’ legal team, “that cannot be the standard where a regulatory body can hold up certification endlessly.”

McCready’s legal team insisted the board was well within its power to certify the results after a thorough investigation is complete.

“We do know that election fraud took place. We do know by some accounts it was substantial and that’s worth looking into,” said Aaron Simpson, a spokesperson for Dan McCready.

Harris’ attorney says they aren’t surprised by the result.

“We’re going to be ready to go we’re not going to be taking any action to delay that,” said Freedman.

A new state board of elections must be seated by the end of the month. The previous board dissolved after a three judge panel rulled it unconstitutional. State democrats and republicans must submit names for recommendation to Governor Cooper by Friday.

That new board will oversee the rest of the district nine investigation into election fraud.

Kim Westbrook Strach, the current state elections board executive director said in a statement, “We look forward to providing a full accounting of what transpired once a board is seated. Public confidence in our election system demands it.

“North Carolina is a get it done right state,” said Simpson, “so we want to make sure we get all the answers to all the questions that we can.”