CLT TSA Workers Anxious To See Amount Deducted From Paycheck

CHARLOTTE, NC — President Donald Trump agreed to open the government for three weeks Friday.

That means hundreds of thousands of workers could get paid and receive the money they lost during the historic 35 day shutdown.

Since December, Democrats insisted trump open the government before they agree to talk border wall funding.

Government workers in Charlotte say the stalemate proved pointless when he conceded Friday and left them in debt.

Now, they prepare to come up for air and get money in their bank accounts, pay bills and buy groceries.

“It means a tremendous amount for families,” said Mac Johnson.

Johnson felt comfortable revealing his identity since he is the local President of the American Federation of Government Employees.

Other airport workers asked to remain anonymous in fear of losing their jobs.

“It’s been hard, you know, trying to ask for help,” said one mother who is a TSA Supervisor at Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

She called WCCB Charlotte on her way to a food bank Friday so her daughter would not go hungry this weekend.

“This is just for the Super Bowl. This is not for us. What happens after three weeks?” she asked.

She says she makes $49,000 a year as a supervisor. That’s about $1,200 every two weeks.

She lost two paychecks during the shutdown and is unsure what the paycheck will look like once she gets it.

“There were quite a few holidays on these recent paychecks between Christmas and New Year’s day and I believe MLK Day. So, they’re going to take that like crazy. So, I honestly can’t, I can’t tell you what I’ll get,” said the mother.

Johnson says it is unclear when they will get paid because human resources shutdown with the government. It now has to input information of hundreds of thousands of workers.

“I imagine its going to take a week or two,” said Johnson.

Workers at the airport Friday says off camera that they are anxious, some cannot afford to drive to work anymore.

One man in Asheville says he was evicted from his apartment because he couldn’t pay rent