“Superstreet” Could Be Coming to University City Blvd

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – According to University City Partners, NCDOT wants to improve speed and safety on University City Blvd.

Possible plans call for converting part of the four-lane divided highway into a six-lane “superstreet.” The mile-long stretch would run from John Kirk Drive, which is just past UNC Charlotte, all the way to I-485.

A railroad crossing on Back Creek Church Road would also close.

Stoplights would go away, meaning if you want to go left, you’d have to go past the road and make a U-turn.

“Around here, these crazy drivers here, this is not the safest way to drive around here. More lights, better,” says University City resident Charles Aponte.

NCDOT scaled back plans for a superstreet in Matthews after pushback there. And some economic development organizations in the University area have concerns as well.

“The superstreet concept gives us tremendous pause,” explains Darlene Heather, with University City Partners.

She says the superstreet goes against plans to make the area more walkable.

“Do we want to keep moving people around in their own vehicles, are we going to look for more futuristic, progressive solutions that look at how do we move volumes of people but not in their individual cars,” Heater says.

The plan would also make it harder to get to local businesses.

“I don’t agree with it. Especially on 49, no I don’t agree with it,” says University City resident Connis Landry.

Landry picks up his kids from the bus in a shopping center and says a superstreet would make it hard to get there.

“I think the stoplight, sometimes it is long in the morning, when you’re making your commute, but I think for us that live around here, I’ve been living over here for 11 years, nah I think that’d be terrible,” Landry says.

According to University City Partners, NCDOT will hold open houses soon on the project. They say it would cost nearly $40 million and could starts as soon as 2022.