Are Professional Athletes Paid Too Much?

The LA Angels are willing to pay big bucks to keep Mike Trout around.
ESPN says Trout and the Angels are close to inking a 12-year deal worth $430 million.
That works out to about $60 thousand every time he goes to bat.
When all is said and done, it will be the largest contract in American sports history.
Pretty good for a guy who has never won a play-off game.

Trout has played his entire career on the Angels and was set to become a free agent in two years.
The 27-year-old slugger could now retire playing for the Angels sometime in his late 30’s.

Mike Trout’s deal shatters the previous record for baseball player pay, which was set just 3 weeks ago.
The Philadelphia Phillies agreed to pay Bryce Harper $330-million dollars to play for 13-years.