Plans Moving Forward to Replace Marshall Park with Mixed-Use Development

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Plans are moving forward to transform part of Second Ward.

County Commissioners got an update on Brooklyn Village, a mixed-use development which will replace 11-acres covering Marshall Park and the old CMS building.

Another phase would replace six-acre Walton Plaza.

Some commissioners had sharp criticism about the project.

“I’m not warm and fuzzy,” said County Commissioner Mark Jerrell.

Commissioner Pat Cotham said, “I’m very, I’m bitter about it. I’m disappointed about it.”

Plans call for 1,200 residential units, 250,000 square feet of retail, 700,000 square feet of office space, and 300 hotel rooms.

But some commissioners say that comes at the cost of losing valuable park space.

“I struggle. I was furious, in fact, about losing Marshall Park,” Cotham said.

The sprawling park would be replaced by a much smaller one-and-a-half acre park.

“It was five acres of park land. And our county is at the bottom in parks, in urban areas,” Cotham said.

10 to 12 percent of the units would be set aside for affordable housing, which some say isn’t enough.

Commission Chair George Dunlap defended the project, approved by the previous County Commission.

“There was concessions that had to be made in exchange for a park, I’ll build you a park as big as you want, but I’m not going to give you as much money as you want,” Dunlap said.

The new development is named after Brooklyn, a mostly African-American community in Second Ward.

It was demolished in the 1960’s.