Another Woman Claims She Was Dragged By Bouncer At NoDa Bar

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Another woman claiming she was assaulted by a bouncer at a NoDa bar. She says it’s the same bouncer shown in a video on social media, dragging a woman out of the bar in a chokehold.

She didn’t want to be identified, but a woman says she had bruises and bloodied scratches after she was assaulted by a bouncer at The Blind Pig.

She says it’s the same bouncer shown in a video, dragging a different woman out of the bar in a choke hold around 2:15 in the morning on March 31st.

“It triggered me from the day that it happened. With him and I back in December,” the woman says.

On December 19th, 2018, she says she got very drunk at The Blind Pig. The bouncer asked her to leave around 10:30 pm. She cooperated, she says that’s when the bouncer got aggressive.

“I got my stuff, I said I told you I’m trying to get my things. at that point, he had been pulling me up the ramp, manhandling me basically.”

She says the bouncer dragged her out the door. She cried, screamed and told him to get his hands off her.

“He walked outside of the sidewalk, he then threw me on the sidewalk, and just left me there and walked back inside the bar.”

She says someone outside the bar must have called the police. Officers asked if she wanted to press charges.

“At that point, I was so shaken up. I just wanted to go home.”

Four days later, she filed a police report.

WCCB spoke to one of the owners of The Blind Pig on the phone. He tells me he wasn’t aware of that incident. He says he’s going to take the situation very seriously, and look into it.

Meanwhile, the woman says she hasn’t been to NoDa since.

“I’m terrified to see him personally. I think it would, traumatizing.”