Wilson’s World: Olympic High School’s Culinary Program Preparing for the Culinary Showdown

CHARLOTTE, N.C –  Future chefs in Olympic High School’s Culinary Program were preparing for their upcoming competition in the ‘Culinary Show, Cooking Up Change’ when Wilson stopped by this morning.

Wilson talked with the students that are part of the culinary program at Olympic to learn why they wanted to be a part of the program and enter the food industry.

The competition among 7 Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school culinary departments will be a challenge for the students to come up with recipes that meet the nutritional guidelines for meals for schools while making the recipe kid friendly.

The ‘Culinary Show, Cooking Up Change’ competition not only includes Olympic High School, but also East Mecklenburg, Hopewell, Independence , North Mecklenburg, South Mecklenburg, and West Mecklenburg High Schools.  The competion is this Thursday.

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