No Criminal Charges for Boy Accused of Threatening to Shoot Up Lincoln Co. School

LINCOLN CO., N.C. – The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office tells WCCB in part that, “After reviewing the facts, Juvenile Justice and the District Attorney’s office determined that no charges will be filed,” in the case of a Lincolnton Middle School student accused of sexual harassment, death threats, and more.

Parent Tiffany Thomas says, “Over a two month span, he has told my daughter that he was gonna rip her clothes off like a bandaid and rape her in the boy’s bathroom. He brought a pocket knife to school and took it out of his pocket and told her he was gonna slash her throat,” and, “He threatened to shoot the school up and told her he was gonna kill her first.”

Thomas says she walked out of the Sheriff’s Office after they told her they wouldn’t charge the boy. She told WCCB on Thursday, “Including my child, two other children had also heard the boy in question make the threats and they admitted that to the detectives, but they still found that was just not enough to press criminal charges. Because the boy didn’t admit it.”

Meanwhile, we are learning more about past accusations made against the Lincolnton Middle School resource officer, who Thomas recorded saying to her and her daughter: “Right now, it’s just hearsay and right now, they’re gonna tell you, you don’t have enough leg to stand on,” and, “I’m just telling you, they’re (law enforcement) starting to edge away from that thing (investigating sexual assault/rape) because a lot of innocent people been charged.”

The school resource officer’s name is Tim Jamison. Court documents show he has been accused twice of threatening his ex-wife. Once, in 2009, and again, this past December.

In the 2009 documents, Jamison is accused of saying “I should put a bullet through your head,” as well as, “You don’t know what I’m capable of and you better watch yourself.”

In the 2018 documents, Jamison is accused of saying “Your day is coming, I am the law…no one will help you…”

Both charges were dropped. His ex-wife, Megan Breland, tells WCCB in 2009, Jamison’s attorney told her this: “She said if you go through with these charges, you are not gonna get any child support because he will not have a job. Well, all I thought about was taking care of my 7-year-old son at the time. And I dropped them, because I was a single mom and I needed help.”

Breland dropped the 2018 charges after she says Jamison insisted she put her 8-year-old daughter on the stand to testify against him. She says, “He knew I would not do that. So that’s why they asked for that,” and, “I’m not gonna put my child through that. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it.”

WCCB contacted Tim Jamison to get his side. He did not reply. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s office tells WCCB it’s aware of the accusations against Jamison and investigated them. The Sheriff’s Office says the school district has not filed any complaints against Jamison during his tenure as a school resource officer, and it also tells WCCB that middle school leaders have “high praise” for him.