Union County Schools to Remain Open on May 1st

CHARLOTTE, NC – As several school districts across the state prepare to close on May 1st for a teacher’s day of action, Union county Schools are taking a different approach.

Union County Schools will remain open on May 1st.

“We feel like the best way to push the agenda forward is for schools to be in session in Union county,” said Kim Hargett.

She is a Physical Education teacher at Marshville Elementary School. She’s also a spokesperson for the Union County Association of Educators.

Hargett says they negotiated with the district to keep schools open, but allow for a delegation of teachers from each of the 52 schools to make the trip to Raleigh.

“What we were hopeful for is somewhere in the neighborhood of five. We’d love to see five per school.”
Hargett, who’s run for State House twice, says the political landscape this year is favorable to what teachers in the state are pushing for.

Teachers are rallying for extra counselors and raises for teacher assistants, maintenance workers, and bus drivers.

Several Union county teachers contacted by WCCB online didn’t want to be named, but did say that shutting down the schools is a way to show unity with other school districts. Those teachers said they wanted to send a strong message to leaders in Raleigh.

“We did advocate for closing the schools last year,” said Hargett, “we felt like we were at that point.”

Hargett says she wants to see how the state leaders respond this year, before planning a future day of action.

“Hey, but no promises for next year,” said Hargett.

Thousands of teachers from across North Carolina are expected to be in Raleigh on May 1st.