Verizon Expands 5G Service to Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC – A major boost to the Charlotte tech scene. Verizon announced on Thursday it would expand 5G internet service to the Queen City.

AT&T was the first to expand experimental 5G to Charlotte in 2018.

“This is the difference between pre and post internet in a lot of people’s minds,” said Tariq Bokhari, District 6 Councilman.

“We want Charlotte to be the world’s first fully operational 5G city,” continued Bokhari, “that’s a very bold stretch goal.”

Experts say 5G is hyper fast internet that allows movies to be downloaded to a phone in seconds. Live 4-K video can stream without interruption.

The implementation of 5G doesn’t just mean faster service on your phone, but could mean automated vehicles and cities.

“That’s just the surface,” said Bokhari, ” imagine smart city technologies for congestion and smart lights.”

“Accessibility is huge,” said Caitlin Sellers, Co-Founder of Carolina Women in Tech, “upward mobility and access to information at a much faster rate.”

Sellers says 5G will provide an economic boom for cities that embrace it.

“5G creates another layer of capability and enhancement in the value of the network,” said Sellers.

She says augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and health care robotics will all benefit from 5G.

“Things that start to become a more part of our day to day, the more critical it is for us to accommodate all of that bandwidth,” said Sellers.