Charlotte Tattoo Studio Combats Sexual Violence with Flash Event

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – If you’ve been considering your first tattoo, or a new tattoo, or you just want to support a good cause, mark your calendar for Sunday. Made to Last Tattoo in Uptown will take part in a world-wide event called Still Not Asking For It.

It’s designed to raise awareness about and prevention of sexual violence and rape, and to help survivors recover, in an industry that is often not known for its support of issues like this. Made to Last Tattoo studio manager Brandon Swiderski says, “It’s a pretty masculine-driven industry, the tattoo industry, so it’s to show that there are allies, there is support, there is awareness, in a community that is not typically known for being such.”

Made to Last will offer “flash” tattoos from 12P to 7P on Sunday. No appointments are needed, and it’s first come, first-served. They’re hoping for hundreds of customers. Proceeds raised will benefit Safe Alliance in Charlotte.